About me

Here I am, married to a Wonderful Husband (WH) and living with a crazy curious bird Curios. At the moment I am not working so spend most of my time during rather dull housework, as well as gardening and crafting.

I love making things with my hands. I have done numerous crafts over my life time, cross-stitch, knitting, drawing, painting, card making, scrapbooking, photography, to name a few. I love making things for other people, gives me a great feeling (a feeling that I may or may not be addicted to, not sure).

Blogging is something that I love to do, I blog to share and also to express my thoughts and beliefs. I am a passionate Christian & Conservationist, and I don't think those things clash.

Here I am, this is who I am. Who are you? Love to hear from you.