Sunday, October 25, 2009

No dig garden pictures!

I pretty happy with what I was able to achieve in one afternoon. Doesn't look like much but I have lettuce & brown onions already planted, also garlic. Hopefully they will really shoot up soon.
Though with all the hot weather we have been having I am having to water on a daily basis, so I will probably have to put in a irrigation system.
The no dig garden method has worked really well, it was easy and I didn't have to dig up a patch of ground that I knew was filled with palm tree roots. Hate palm trees
My husband now wants me to trim more of this palm tree that you can see at the top of the second picture back more so its easier for him to mow around it. Oh well, another task to add to my list.
Also noticed today that some of the seeds I planted in preparation for this new veggie garden have started to germinate, not sure what has actually germinated but I am sure that that little mystery will get cleared up as the plants get bigger. I now though have to find something else to plant the plants in when they get alittle bigger before planting them in the ground, want them to be alittle bit more established. Currently the seeds are germinating in egg cartoon, the lids I have found are the best. Think that I might use the rest of the egg cartoon (the bit where the eggs sit) to plants the small plants into so they can get really good root system established.
We had a lovely luch under our big tree with my family today, my brother was up from his airbase (he is an Aviation technition in the Airforce) so me and my husband thought that a BBQ was in order. We don't get to see my brother all that often as he is really busy. I made rissols and a salad and we all had a great time eatting and laughing. I am truly thankfull to God for my family, I am very lucky to have them.

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