Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Planetwise prt 6

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Jesus: Saviour of the world

Colossians 1:15-20
- Jesus is the source of creation (vs16)
- The sustainer of creation (vs17)
- The saviour of creation (vs20)

There is no hope amidst the environmental crisis we face apart from Jesus Christ.

When Jesus healed a person, he wasn't just channeling God's power. He is infact God fixing apart of his creation that had gone wrong, through the fall. Wow what a mind changing, mind blowing thought (and truth).

Luke 8:22-25
- control over nature (he created it, only he can control it)

Matthew 6
- Jesus expected his followers to be familiar with the natural world

Jeremiah 8:7
- Prophets knew wildlife well

Why an I here?
Answer: we are here to worship God in Jesus, and to live in relationship with him within his amazing creation

The above makes the question of our existence quite easy to answer, we are here for a purpose. And when you think about that purpose is pretty simple.

All things hold together in Jesus, but without Jesus all things fall apart

God made a world where nothing is wasted, and it dishonours him if I am careless with what he has made (page 68)

Colossians 1:19-20
- when Jesus died on the cross it was for all the broken relationships on earth.

1. In what ways has this chapter affected your understanding of who Jesus is? How could this influence your devotional life and you lifestyle?
Probably the statement about Jesus healing was actually God healing the mistakes in his creation caused by the fall. God and Jesus are not two separate beings, but one in the same. Probably try and focus on the fact that I am not what the bible is able, and that there is a great focus on creations place and importance. Also seeing how I treat the earth and its resources as a part of my worship and devotional time.

2. Why does the story of Noah (Genesis 6-9) seem so relevant today? List some ways in which it helps us understand God's purposes and our response in today's environmental situation.
Because it speaks of the consequences of wickedness and sinfulness of the human race. We have been repeating the same mistakes, taking the responsibilities of the earth for granted.
We need:
- keep in mind that the world and everything it it belongs to go
- don't be wasteful
- be thoughtful about where are food comes from (how the animals are treated, etc)
- work with the seasons
- be thankful for everything that we have been given

3. The cross and resurrection of Jesus are the centre of Christian faith. How do they give us hope, for ourselves and for the planet?
That God has a plan for the whole of creation, to mend the damage caused by sin and for the rebirth of the whole earth. That all the groaning that we are experiencing (earthquakes, floods, fires, etc...) are not signaling the end of the earth but they are groaning of childbirth, signalling the hope of the world coming.

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