Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Week in my life Day Two

Cheap Tuesday! Every Tuesday I try to get petrol, it is the cheapest day in the petrol price cycle. But oh my gosh! Were some people rude, I pulled in and someone pulled into the tiny space next to me and tired to sneak in ahead of me. And the same thing happened at the library, I stopped at the crossing to let people cross and someone went straight through ignoring the people and straight into a carpark. Not a good day.

Every piece of laundry in the house has now been folded and put away (yeah!), love when I can actually get on top of the laundry. It builds up so fast. As today was Tuesday I also emptied all the bins in the house and took out the recyclables, did this nice & early as I thought that we have bible study to go to but it was cancelled for the night.

Today also marks the beginning of reading my new Book Club book, this month we are reading 'Captivating, by John & Staci Eldredge'. This book is by the same authors who wrote 'Wild at Heart', one of those books that every man (and woman) just has to read. My husband has read it but wasn't really all that impressed (click here to see my first post about this book).

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