Saturday, June 12, 2010

Almost there

So close to being happy with my new blog look, love the background picture! The header needs some work, was happy with it but now I have a background and layout I like the header just doesn't work for me anymore. Tried to designed a new one today but I just wasn't in the creative mood.

Speaking of creative things, I think that I have finally come up with a design that I like to finish the chest of draws that I have been redecorating for the last month. Best thing is that my wonderful husband likes it, he thinks it's abit girly but likes it as a girly design. I don't mind really if it looks girly (a girl created it afterall), and everything in our house is pretty gender neutral so a pop of girlyness wouldn't be so bad.

I used photoshop to come up with the design, and I pulled apart of clipart that I found, took the bits I liked and made them work together. Using photoshop I have also been able to give myself about how the finish chest is going to look (love photoshop!).

Now I just have to transfer this design to the chest of draws, a friend suggested that it would be quicker to just draw the design with a pencil then fill in with a paintbrush. The other option is to transfer the image to a piece of card or clear contact to use as a stencil, probably go with the first option, seems to be the easiest way to go.

Also finally got the metal baskets that I found at council pick-up spray painted, my wonderful husband suggested that I went with a clear finish, glad I did. Here is a picture of the finished baskets in their place in the kitchen cart.

The clear coat allows the original colour and look that first attracted me to be seen, and because I don't know what they were used for before I came across them it also protects the food that I will be storing in them. Next is to make some liners for the inside of the baskets, the holes in the baskets are far too big and things fall through (onions, potato's, ginger etc) so a liner will keep everything in, and will give both baskets a uniform look (and hide the not so pretty contents of the bottom basket).

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