Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So in love!

I found this background and just had to use it, I think that I am alittle ADHD when it comes to this blog. I just find it fun to play with the look and the feel. I have been very good not to change the name lately, I really like my blog name. It is quite simple but speaks volumes (I think) about me. Take me as I am cause that is all I am. I really feel that God has been working on making me happy with who I am and seeing the value in that person.

Going with my ADHDness I have changed the name of my ETSY shop, it is now SuJoh and combination of my first and last name. I really like the new name and think that it says that this is my store/brand but I can still stand back from it when I need to. I have seen people start ventures like this and they get caught up and ultimately burnt out. I don't want to do that, because I love making the things that I am going to be selling and I don't want to lose that love. That is one of my greatest fears, I don't want this to become 'work' something I just do and not enjoy.

Two days to go before items go up for sale on my ETSY store! Woohoo!

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