Friday, August 20, 2010

Downstairs finds

We are fortunate enough that underneath our house we have a huge storage area, we use it has a laundry, movie room, garden shed, workshop and storage space. Though it does get quite messy (very very messy!), so I every so often I go down and go through the boxes that we have stored down there. I find that I am more likely to get rid of stuff the longer it stays downstairs, I am less attached to the stuff. So I am down stairs looking through boxes and I came across a purple box, inside was just an amazing flood of childhood memories.

I was never a badge collector, each on I got for a reason. Whether it was the necessary badges when I was a Girl Guide, or the House badges from primary school. I spread them out and couldn't believe how many there were! Also found a plastic bag with badges that belong to my husband so I added them to my collection.

I have to do something with these badges to display them in our home. The memories that just hit me as I was going through these badges defiantly deserves to be on display. Even my WH (wonderful husband) had a moment when he saw the badges I found that belonged to him.

I think I know where I would like to make a display, it is just the how that is perplexing me. Frames? On a piece of fabric? Or just hung straight on the wall with clear hooks? I will have to do some more thinking.

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  1. Good idea! You could even use the badges in a 'mosaic' style thing, if there was a pot/case or something you wanted to mosaic?

    Or if would be easy to scan them and create them into some sort of art that way? You could even just put some fabric over a canvas, and put the badges through that... include photos and other memories on it too!