Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday Afternoon

We have become a bit of a no TV family, during the week we watch plenty of TV it is hardly off during the day and evening. How does that makes us no TV? Weekends & days off is how. I don't think that it was a conscious decision (at least as far as I can remember), but on the weekends and my WH's (wonderful husband) days off we don't watch TV until about 7pm or later if we are busy.

So what do we do instead, well we aren't without technology. We use our computers, it has become a bit of a regular Saturday afternoon/evening thing particularly.

We are lucky enough to each have our own laptops, not that we aren't good sharers it is just how things have worked out. I have always loved using a laptop, I like the freedom to be anyway in the house and still able to edit photos and since we got wi-fi surf the net anywhere (mostly sitting on the couch, who doesn't like a bit of comfort when surfing). I also like to spread out when doing major editing projects or when using my computer to research a devotion that I am doing for youth group or for bible study and I can never have enough room, when I am at the dinning table I spread over the whole table, the chairs, couch and even the floor. Until the beginning of the year my WH had a PC that sat in what was once the 'computer room', but he felt alittle isolated when he was in there and was in the market for a new computer so we got another laptop. His is a wide screen laptop, my WH likes to edit video footage and the wide screen suits him better.

I really enjoy our Saturday afternoons sitting on the couch together, we can do whatever it is that we are doing on our computers but still chat. Defiantly something to look forward to each week.

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