Monday, October 4, 2010

Blog travels

As I have gotten older my body has changed, not just the normal changes that a girl goes through as she gets older, but I have developed allergies & dermatitis. To this day we haven't been able to 100% figure out what exactly it is that causes my dermatitis, which means that I have to apply a cream from my doctor twice daily to stop the itching and reduce the redness and flaky skin. This twice daily cream application means that I spend 2-3hrs a day sitting doing nothing but waiting for the cream to soak in so I get 100% of the benefit.

So while I am sitting waiting for the cream to soak into my skin & the itching to go away, I am going to grab my blog passport and see where my blog travels take me.

Today we are starting in Australia with one of my favourite blogs for great inspiration & DIY ideas. Eat Drink Chic by Amy Moss, Amy is from Melbourne (a place that I hold quite special as I was born in Frankston that is really close to Melbourne). I love coming back to this blog again and again. Great inspiration from fashion, art, colour and weddings (I am such a sucker for a wedding, and Amy has pictures from some absolutely beautiful weddings).

First stop keeping with my love of weddings is 100 Layer Cake, I love the subtitle of this blog 'crafting your wedding layer by layer'. 100 Layer Cake is a collaboration by three friends, click on 'about us' to learn more about these three friends. BTW I love how they have used photobooth style photos on their about page, cute cute cute. I love reading about real weddings, and there are great DIY ideas that you can not only use for a wedding but for creative gifts and party ideas. L-O-V-E DIY!!!!

Next stop is A Field Journal, I'm sorry but I am so drawn to butterflies which is the reason I was so drawn to this blog. The feeling of all the images in this blog is soft and dream like, I can see myself simply getting lost just looking at the pictures on this blog. In amongst the dreamy pictures I have found great ideas for party decorations and for displaying food. My fav post would have to be about making a crepe paper bouquet, I think that I will make one to display in my home, it will look fabulous!

Our final stop is Lovely Packaging. I am the first to admit that I have a shelf in my craft room that has piles of.....well....packaging. Some companies put alot of time an effort into the way that their product looks on the shelf, I am such a sucker for a beautiful piece of packaging and this blog is all about celebrating great packaging.

Check out these blogs and go on your own blog travels, don't forget your passport!