Thursday, December 30, 2010

One Little Word

2011 is knocking on the door, can't believe how fast 2010 has gone. Last year I participated in an idea from Ali Edwards about choosing 'One Little Word' to live by in the year to come. I choose 'Believe', I wanted to focus on believing not only in myself & my abilities but improving my relationship & belief in God.
I feel that 2010 was a year where I learnt alot about myself, that I am extremely resilient & strong. I have also been able to really focus on deepening my relationship with God. There have been alot of changes in my life, some good some that weren't so good, and I know that believing in myself got me through and to where I am today.
For 2011 I have decided to take 'Believe' just that one step further with my One Little Word for 2011 being 'Courage'. Now that I believe in myself more it is time to take more risks and step out of my comfort zone, which is where I have somewhat stayed in 2010. So the next year is going to be about taking that step forward & not looking back. This might be alot easier to say that actual do, but all I can do is try.
Tomorrow is New Years Eve, we are going to spend News Years with my little brother in his new place in the city which will be fun. We're having a BBQ, playing Wii & board games. So I hope that you all have a happy & safe New Year and I'll blog again in 2011.

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