Sunday, January 23, 2011

All good things......

It is that time again, the end of holidays. My WH (wonderful husband) has been on holidays from work for the past two weeks & tomorrow is his last day before he goes back to work on Tuesday. Yes I am sad.....I have really enjoyed the time that we have been able to spend together.
Things havn't worked out as we had planned, with the floods that our state has experienced. But hopefully in the next week we will be able to reshedule our tickets to go & see Wicked the musical.
I don't really mind that this did really work out, we still had a great time & did some great things together. Particularly going to help with the clean up in Brisbane, felt so good to know that we were really helping people.
This week we are going down to Brisbane again, this time for a compleltly different reason. On Australia Day (Woohoo, public holiday) we have tickets (along with a few people from our church) to see the 'Indescrble Tour' with Louie Giglio & Chris Tomlin. If you havn't heard about 'Indescrible' google it, get yourself a copy & watch it is breathe taking & life changing. I am so looking forward to going, it is going to be a great event! Even better for going with people you know & love.
Life is going to go back to 'normal' with my WH going back to work, it has been a wonderful holiday to me as well. My WH has been doing all the cooking, cleaning & laundry which has been absolutly wonderful for me. And makes things extra sad that it is coming to an end. LOL!!!
Oh, well I will make the most of tomorrow.

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