Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Food for thought

Just before Christmas last year me & my WH (wonderful husband) made a trip to see his Grandparents, they would normally travel to where we live at some point around the Summer months but they couldn't this year due to health. It was a real quick trip, we left after my husband finished work on Saturday at 3pmish & came home on Sunday in the afternoon.
While we were with my Wh's Grandparents me WH was showing off the pictures that he had been taking, his Grandmother said she had some cameras that she wanted us to have as she thought that we would like them. She was right, three lovely vintage cameras. I personally love them, especially the stories that come with each of them.
But having these cameras does cause alittle problem, how to display & store them? Storage in itself isn't a problem......a box in our storage space downstairs would fix that. But I don't want them somewhere where they are never seen. So we come to how to display vintage camera?
I have been collecting images of vintage camera displays using VisualizeUs, here are a couple of my favourites.
Image from Unplugged; love the idea of each camera having its place but not sure how to make this work in our house.
Image from my VisualizeUs collection; I love this print & the simplicity of the display.

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