Friday, February 4, 2011

It's my birthday!

Today I turn 28, yep 28.....getting close to the big 30! I have had a pretty quite day today, it has been soooo hot so sitting in the shade with a big glass of water is all I have been doing. And since it's my birthday I think that I am allowed to.
I have been so blessed with all the wonderful birthday messages that I have received today & my WH (wonderful husband) gave my a couple of beautiful birthday presents
I l-o-v-e lanterns, and these ones are sooo cute. My favourite part is that I can pull them apart & store them flat (love a good storage solution!).
Isn't this a gorgeous mousepad, it has actually inspired me to do an artwork for our house (more on that another time).
This has been a very eventful week, Queenslanders have been watching two cyclones (Anthony & Yasi), both have hit the topical north coast with Yasi doing the most damage. It seems that Queenslands moto 'beautiful one day perfect the next' needs to be changed to 'flooding one day cyclones the next'. Don't really know if our state can take anymore natural disasters. My prayers & thoughts go out to those who Yasi hit. I know that the road to recover has only just started and will probably be quite long but this will get better.

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