Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Straight from Heaven

I will admit that through my life not too many of my prayers have been answered, well...that I am aware of anyway. I know that God doesn't usually answer prayers in the way that you expect, so it can can go unnoticed. But I have been praying for rain to come and fill our tank, and for three days in the last five days we have had nice heavy rain. I have been making sure to thank God and praise Him.

Though I know things happen the way He wants, and that doesn't always (actually hardly ever) end up looking the way that we expect. It does lift your faith to have a prayer answered in a way that you can actually see and recognise as an answer to a prayer, makes to soooo much easier to remember to praise God.

This rain has been so good, particularly because it has cleared up all the dust that was still in the air from the dust storms about a fortnight ago. Though the weather guy said tonight that another dust storm is on the way, not a surprise with the gail force winds we have been experiencing today.

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