Monday, November 16, 2009

December Daily

This is such a great idea for people like me who want to make an album about the Christmas Season, every year it takes me 6 months to actually finish. This year I found this great idea December Daily it is an album idea from Ali Edwards. Basically it is an album that is prepared in advanced and it is filled with pictures from the 25 days of Christmas, with alittle planning and preparation all you'll have to do during the 25 days of Christmas is take photo's, print them and write alittle journaling.

Here are my first 5 pages of my December Daily album

Page 1 Left over Christmas cardstock from last year, with a cute fabric tab.

Page 2 More of the cardstock from the previous page and some die cut cardstock that I bought to use on a layout I never ended up doing.

Page 3 This will be a whole photo with these green flower brads

Page 4 I had a whole pack of 6 x 12 inch page protectors, I cut one in half and used some hand stitching to hold a star tag and a card with '004' on it that I got for free when I purchased some journaling and calander cards from a Esty store called Elle's Studio.
Page 5 This is some card that I had left over from making baby shower invites I made last year for a friend of mine, I made it into an envelope, the quote block I love so much that I have scanned it so I can use it again.
I'll post more pages as I finish them, I am so looking forward to starting to take photo's for the album.

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  1. Ohh not sure what happened with the layout of this post! Hope you can still read it OK, if not tell me your email and I'll email the text!

    Suzie :-)