Monday, November 23, 2009

Stepping out

I think that God has been challenging me to step outside of myself, I really am starting to realise that I am only going to get a job by doing stuff that I wouldn't normally do. And I started on Saturday, during the week I was Christmas shopping (nearly done!) and I saw a store that I like to shop in had an advertisement for Christmas Casual positions. But to apply you had to drop in your resume in store, there was no e-mail address.

So I went home and wrote up a generic cover letter and print multiple copies along with my resume, and on Saturday I went down to the shop and dropped off my resume (along with alittle prayer). I know that it was the right thing to do because on the drive down I didn't feel anxious or nervous. Which I know was all because of God because I always feel nervous and anxious with anything to do with dropping off my resume and doing interviews. But I have been doing alot of praying for guidance and I am sure now that god has been answering those prayers and has given me a sense of carm and confidence.

You really do have to just take that step, even if nothing ever comes of it. I don't know if I am going to get this Christmas casual position but I do feel good about taking the chance and giving it a try.

I have been able to pick up some work lately, my husbands store is coming up to the end of year stocktake so my wonderful husband has hired me to help out with some of the preparation needed before stocktake. It isn't alot, just labeling once a week for 2 or so weeks, then the day before helping count the stock then on the day I think I am going to be doing the catering for those who are doing the final scanning and entering. It isn't much but I am thankful to be doing something, it felt so good to be working. I have such a wonderful husband who has been worrying about me and wants to do anything he can for me I am a very lucky person.

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