Sunday, November 15, 2009

Late night post

I have been staying up late alot lately, I really enjoy this time of night. It is a peaceful quite and there is no pressure to do anything. Nothing has to happen, everything can wait for the morning. But there is a downside, I have to go to bed eventually.....especially since I have been forcing myself to get up at 8am every morning or there abouts.

I also find that this is when I feel the most peaceful, don't really know why. There is really nothing special about this time of the day that would make me feel peaceful. Guess I am just a night owl. Always have been, and I am defiantly not a morning person, there is a joke in the family that I am best at about noon and then it is all down hill from there.

Still haven't heard about the job that I interviewed for on Wednesday, I am hoping and praying that they needed the weekend to think about who they want to employ. I think that my application really throw a spanner in the works for their decision making process. But I will probably defiantly take a sense that I am someone who can impress, that my resume can catch a potential employers eye. That is a good thing.

Well blog readers I should go to bed, the one thing I have learnt during these last couple of months is that you have to keep going. Everyday you get up and go on with life is one day closer to getting your new job.

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