Thursday, April 1, 2010

Another Group tips

Not another group interview! That was so my reaction when I got the email from a stationary store last week. I find this style of interview such an unknown entity, cause you don't know how this are going to go or what you are going to have to do. I have come up with a few tips that should help.

1) Don't stress (obvious I know, but it a group situation your stressing will be noticed and can affect the way that you come across)

2) Be bubbly and out going (essentially this is what employers are looking for in group interviews, personality)

3) Give everything a go & be first (odds on you are not going to be seeing these people again so don't worry about embarrassing yourself, always put your hand up to be first even if you don't get it right you have shown that you are willing to give anything a go and try your hardest)

4) Listen (not only to the person running the interview but to the others in the interview with you, defiantly don't stare out the window waiting for your turn)

5) Be helpful (in group tasks if someone needs help then help them)

6) Lead (At ever opportunity lead the group, leadership also means using every member of a team)

7) Enjoy (smile, laugh and at least look like you are having a good time)

As I said before group interviews are probably the worst type of interview for me because they are sooooo hard to prepare for. Generally the questions you are asked will seem very weird, like what animal you would be and why, favourite color....that sort of thing. The one I had yesterday was all about different group activities in different sized groups and working with the products that the store sells.

Good luck if you are going to a group interview, just believe that you are the right person for the role and you will do just fine.

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