Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Planetwise prt 8

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Living it out: Discipleship as if creation matters

I liked this chapter, it is starting to get into the actions that we can take to care for creation in a way that God intends us to do. This chapter also reminds us Jesus Christ had the closest unbroken relationship with God possible, and gives us a great insight about what is possible when you follow God wholly and completely.

1. Using Genesis chapter 1 and 2 and the example of Jesus, write a job description of humanity as 'the image of God'.
To love one another, without judgement. To take care of not only other human beings, but all creations that have been hand by the hand of God. Taking care also means that you help all creation to prosper and grow.

2. Our role as disciples of Jesus is described in this chapter as being like gardeners and caretakers, tenants and stewards, prophets, priests and kings. Which of these do you find most helpful or unhelpful, and why?
I find all but the last three very helpful, because I have always felt that though we are not 'long for this world' that we have a great responsibility to look after it, not only for the next generation to come but for God as well. Because he is the one who created all of creation in the first place. I am not 100% sure why I find being a prophet, priest and king abit unhelpful. Probably because of the amount of esteem I have for those positions. From reading the bible their have been some great Prophets, Elisha, Elijah and others, and some great Kings such as David and Solomon that I just find it hard to put myself in the same ranks. Priests, other than Aaron I haven't read much good about priests, especially in Jesus's time, definitely don't want to put myself in their ranks.

3. How can we use the gifts of science, technology and business in a way that sustains and stewards creation, rather than exploiting or destroying it?
We have been blessed with the ability, knowledge and drive to do almost anything. And for those people who say something can't be done, their will be someone who steps up and gives it ago anyway. Science has opened up the world, technology has given us the answers to alot of the problems in the world and business has given us the ability to organise large numbers of people and amount of money. We can use these gifts to help rebuild habitats, increase dwindling populations, product energy that doesn't require non-renewable resources, distribute food and water to all who need it, develop vaccines and medications that can cure diseases. The sky is the limit with possibilities.

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