Thursday, April 8, 2010

Season new

My nose is runny in the morning, I sniffle and sneeze when ever it starts to get dark. Which when added up can only mean on thing......a new season. Autumn begun at the start of April, the days are getting shorter and cooler (especially in the mornings). It also means EASTERFEST! Which I have already gone on about in a previous blog. To mark the beginning of Autumn and to say a proper goodbye to Summer me and my wonderful husband decided to go out for lunch in Montville, it was also a way of marking the end of A's holidays.

We ate at the Poet's Cafe, a place we have driven pas many times but never actually gone inside. Very glad that we did, the food was wonderful and because we sat outside enjoyed watching the world go by. My favourite part is the picture I took, think that it is just lovely (I have edited it alittle!)

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