Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rembering a week of my life

One of my favourite scrapbookers Ali Edwards has this great reoccurring project called 'Week in the Life', it is about documenting a whole week of daily activities. Basically you take loads of photos of what you do during a week, whether special activities or just daily routine. I have been uming and aring about whether I was going to participate most because I have sooooo many layouts that I have to complete. But I have decided to go completely digital, that way I can work on the layouts sitting on the couch in the evening and the photo's that I take I can download them and added them straight on to the layouts. I think that this project will help me to see that my life is still full of moments that matter and help me to focus I what I do have instead of what I don't.

Below are the .PSD files that I have created for the 'Week in the Life' project, it officially starts tomorrow on the 19th. For each day there are four pages, one main page with the bulk of the journalling, two pages of photos/pattern paper & some jounalling and a collage page.

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