Monday, April 19, 2010

Week in my life Day One

Today is the begining of the week and the end of the weekend for my husband, Monday is the get things don't day mostly. If there is something that requires my husband then it gets done on Monday. I like to have my husband with me when I grocery shop, it is something we use to do together all the time when we first got married but somehow just ended up being something that I do on my own. I descided a few months ago to change that, I wasn't liking dragging all the bags full of groceries up the stairs by myself everyweek. So Monday is our grocery shopping day together.

Today was also Book Club day, once a month I get together with a group of friends and discuss a book that we have all been reading over the last month. The book we were reading was Planetwise by Dave Bookless (click here for my blog posts), I had read the book before and it was infact my pick for the book club. We had a great afternoon tea and a time of fellowship, I think that everyone got something out of the book which was great! And I think some minds have been changed about their attitude towards creation care.

There rest of today was filled with home, playing with Curios listerning to music (hubbie got a new CD) and preparing dinner. My husband had prepared a roast dinner with all the yummy trimmings, potatos and gravy. Gravy is something we don't always have as my husband says you can't make gravy without wine and as we don't drink wine we have to make a special trip to the local pub's bottleshop to get some.

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