Friday, April 23, 2010

Week in my life Day Four & Five

Rain, rain, rain....oh how I wish that it would stop. Really want to get back into the garden. Today was also a phone day, loads of phone calls, phone was running hot. Mostly sales people and Alan. We also sold the buffet which was great, now just waiting to organise the pick up.
Baking was my biggest achievement for the day, truth be told the achievement was not eating all the cookies as soon as they came out of the oven.
Heaps of birds decided to come sing and play in our big tree in the backyard, Curios really enjoyed sitting on my finger infront of the back door singing along, listening and preening himself.
All and all a quite day, I like some days like that.


Malachi day. I babysat for my husbands parents (they are looking after our nephew for his parents while they are away for their anniversary), we hung out at home, had a play date with a friend of mines kids and visited my husbands work. I always feels so warn out after a day with Malachi, think that it is all the carrying he is becoming a big boy!

Today was also my first ANZAC service, my brother (who is in the RAAF) was asked by our old primary school to give and talk at the school's ANZAC service. Very proud of him and of the parts of my families military history that I found out about today.

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