Sunday, May 2, 2010

Having a cold

Oh the first cold for the season. Started with a really sore throat on Wednesday, which got worse on Thursday and the runny nose started. Friday I started taking cold & flu tablets to combat the runny nose & stuffed up feeling. Saturday was probably the worse day as I hadn't slept since Wednesday and was just so warn out. Today I am feeling much better, had a nice long nap this afternoon so feel so much brighter. Hoping that this is the end of the cold......just want to sleep and be able to hear things properly.

Yesterday was 'Slave Day', a group of the youth & young adults @ our church are participating in Relay for Life (a fundraising event for the Queensland Cancer Council), and their fundraising involved a silent slave auction. Basically every member of the church relay for life team put themselves up for doing anything that anyone is willing to pay them for. Me and my husband put some money forward to get our garden weeded and some piano lessons (my talented hubbie has taken up the piano, and is teaching himself). So thankful for the work that got done yesterday, hardly recognise our backyard, the only thing left is to sort out some of the rubbish that was discovered (joys of renting). Great job guys!

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