Thursday, May 6, 2010

Organising things

I have been reorganising the house at the moment, getting rid of alot of furniture that just doesn't fit out smaller sized house (I have been selling the furniture on Ebay, made slightly under $150, going to use the money to get some furniture that suits our space alot better). Yesterday I got into some smaller spaces of our house, drawers, and more specifically bathroom draws.

Here a before picture of our medicine draw (love to have a funky metal medicine cabinet but being renters we have to make do), I don't think that I am totally alone in seeing this sight everytime a draw somewhere in your house is open.

For a while now I have been saving the butter containers after we have emptied them, havn't been sure what my plan was for these containers (I have used some as seedling containers, and have one that I propagate succulents in).

I emptied out our medicine draw and used the cleaned out butter containers to neaten and organise the draw. I am really happy with how it has turned out. I did discover that for some reason we own ALOT of sunscreen! Maybe it's because my husband has European white burns instead of tans skin and I am fair and covered in freckles....but it is still weird. A slightly unexpected plus is I know know at a glance what I need to buy at the supermarket.

I also organised the other 2 draws in the bathroom as well as the cupboard under the sink. Finally got around to cleaning up the four shelf basket unit that we use for extra storage, it now holds our spare towels. Moving the towels into the bathroom is something I have wanted to do for a while, afterall it is the logical place, and it saves the run across the house when you forget the clean towels (not that I have ever had to do that....thankfully notice before I turn on the shower).


  1. I totally need to do this ASAP. Our bathroom is often the neglected place. Our bandaids etc. are in a draw in the kitchen, and I really need to get cleaning on that to.

    Maybe after Uni- but that's just my excuse for all housework related things (and unfortunatley most other things as well!).

  2. Guess it is a positive to being unemployeed, time to do these things. Would love to tackle the kitch draws too....but unfortunatly three out of four are broken. Need to con my husband into fixing them first.

    Hope Uni is going well and you are enjoying it too.

  3. It must be handy having a 'handy' hubby! Luke is definitley handy- but not really in a practical, 'fix the cupboard' kind of way, more in a 'fix the computer' kind of way! Lol!