Friday, May 7, 2010


As well as reorganising and am also redecorating some of our furniture, we have had a few pieces for 5 years and some pieces more than that. On my hit list for redecorating is;

1. Bookcase (my husbands, it is one that belongs to his Dad so it is quite old)

2. Dresser draws (mine, had it for a couple of years before we got married)

3. Bed side table (these we have had for about 5 years, bought not long after we got married)

First is the bookcase, mostly cause I already have the paint. It is left over from when I stained and painted our bed a few years ago. I forgot to take a before picture, but this bookcase started its life (before it came into my life) black, then got painted the colour that I am use to seeing it which is a beige/pinky colour, and now it will be a chocolate brown glimmery colour.

Here is the bookshelf after two coats of white base coat/primer and one coat of the final colour, the paint is quite thin since I have applied the first coat with a brush. The more coats that go on the less the brush strokes will be visible, and the final coast I am planning on applying with a roller to give a nice flat finish.

I also have plans for the dresser draws, found the picture below on the American Better Homes and Gardens website, and I would love to recreate this look. I have a very similar dresser except that mine is taller and will be living in our bedroom instead of the kitchen as a kitchen island (though love the idea of using two chests of draws and a solid cord door to make this kitchen island.....maybe when I get my own house)

Have absolutly no idea what I want to do with the bedside tables......thinking maybe painting them black but not sure.

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