Saturday, May 29, 2010

Woohoo! Finally!

Today was the day, Ikea day!

After a few months of selling furniture on Ebay and saving, we headed down to Ikea this morning. It is always a shopping experience, I don't know what draws me to Ikea furniture. The price? The range? I don't think that it dates (if you buy wisely), and I am addicted to storage! Anyway here again is the entertainment unit that we went down today to buy.

And here it is in our home (ignore my wonderful husband's feet!)

When my wonderful husband was putting the unit together I had the awful thought that it was too big! But now that it is in place, with the TV and all the associated electronics as well as the DVD's, photos and such it actually makes our house feel bigger, and more organised (love that part the most!)

Wonderful husband was worried that now the TV looked small, we don't have a big screen TV. Just don't see the point, but it is a flat screen. I don't think that our TV looks small at all. Perfect sized I think. Also a bigger TV would take up too much space in our little lounge room.

As you can see from the above picture I haven't finished unpacking and putting things in the unit yet. That will be one of my jobs during the week.

Next we are going to be saving for a new desk for my wonderful husband............I can almost see the next Ikea trip coming very soon!