Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Can't believe it!

I have been scammed!

I am the type of person who doesn't answer those email you get from foreign relatives who have died and left you money, don't buy things from people who call on the phone or knock at the door. But I had never thought that an ad for a job in a local paper would get me.

Don't worry I didn't send any money, or give away my account details. But I did send a copy of my resume, which contains all of my contact details as well as my age. More that enough information to steal my identity. I almost feel sick at the thought. My WH (wonderful husband) feels even worse cause he saw the ad and thought that it would be a good job to bring in alittle extra money. I have contact the Department of Fair Trade and reported the scam on the ACCC scam website called scamwatch, also changed my email address on my facebook account just to be safe. Not much else I can do.

I have learnt to do research on company's that I apply to work for first, before first contact. If I had done that then I wouldn't have applied in the first place. But I believe that you learn from experiences like this, research, research, research. Google is a great thing, as soon as I typed in the company title then heaps of sites came up saying that the company was a scam.

Be careful out there, unfortunately people try to take advantage of other people for their own gain. Even those of us who are looking for work to earn alittle extra money.

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