Sunday, June 13, 2010


While searching for something else down stairs I came across this small cupboard, I have had it for ages but totally forgot that it moved with me when I got married to my WH (wonderful husband), that is about 5 years now. It use to be white with pink flowers all over it, but I got tired of that look (and Barbie didn't really use it much after she went into storage) so I covered it it brown paper.

Side note: I got really obsessed with the look of brown paper, I loved the clean look while not being cold. Also spoke to the environmentalist in me. Still find myself draw to the look of brown paper, but not as much as a few years ago.

Any way when I was spraying the metal baskets I got bored inbetween coats, so got out my tin of undercoat and started to paint over the small cupboard. The brown paper had gotten stains on it, I had never sealed it after I covered it (big mistake). But I don't know where to go from here. I like the kind of oddness of the cupboard and the possiblity of storage for small items, but where? My scrap space? Or for jewerly in our bedroom? Or maybe just a display piece in the lounge? Some many possiblities.......hmmmmm.
I think that this will become a fun little project desciding what to do with this small cupboard, maybe I'll paint it red? I also have this cute teally colour that I love. Stay tunned to see what I descide.

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