Sunday, June 27, 2010

Me time in 10 easy steps

This week my WH (wonderful husband) has been away with stocktake & a managers meeting so I have spend a few nights alone. I have taken the opportunity to have some me time, also know as hot chocolate on the couch infront of the heater with a blanket time (me time is so much quicker to say).

I do love a good cup of hot chocolate, neither my WH or myself drink tea or coffee, so much so that for birthday's and Christmas I am usually given something to do with hot chocolate. Last Christmas my sister-in-law gave me this hot chocolate on a stick, and I have saved it for just an occasion.

Here are my 10 easy steps to my perfect idea of me time hot chocolate:

1. Gather the necessary equipment (my case saucepan, cup, milk & hot chocolate on a stick)
2. This is my hot chocolate on a stick (yummy looking isn't it!?)
3. Measure out milk using my cup and pour it into the saucepan
4. Clean up milk that I spilt while 'trying' to pour milk into the saucepan

5. Put the heat on low and slowly warm the milk
6. I test the milk temperature with a very sophisticated technique, put my finger in the milk
7. Put hot chocolate on a stick in the cup
8. Pour warmed milk over the hot chocolate on a stick & stir

9. Sit down on the couch & keep stirring the hot chocolate on a stick (my milk was alittle cooler than it probably should have been)
10. Drink

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