Sunday, July 4, 2010

Our family is growing

Friday marked the addition of a new family member, my WH's (wonderful husband) brother and his wife have welcomed a new little baby.

She is sooooo small, hard to believe that her bigger brother who we spend alot of time with and love very much was that small about two years ago. Me and my WH are also little Isabella's Godparents, which was a total surprise and honor when we were asked. Honestly I am not sure about the roles of a Godparent, I have Godparents myself but I only really have a vague memory of them. My sister on the other hand has wonderful people as Godparents, they are cousins of my Mother and live in England. When we were children they would visit once a year or so and always brought amazing gifts and were incredibly generous. When my sister went to England a year and a bit ago she stayed with her Godparents and they treated her as if she was their own daughter. Though I don't really know the offical job of a Godparent I hope and pray that me and my WH can be as important and special to our Goddaughter Isabella as my sisters Godparents are to her and the rest of my family.

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