Thursday, June 24, 2010

Where were you when.....

There are a number of historic moments in time that are remembered by where you were when you heard the news. Like the first moon landing, when JFK was assassinated, the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the boxing day tsunami. The first two I was not born so kind of wasn't around, but I do vividly remember where I was when the 9/11 attacks took place, in bed. I woke up to the news breaking over the radio, and watched it unfold through out the day on TV.

Today was another one of those days, for Australians anyway. Starting last night our government started to put into place actions to get rid of our Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. By 9:30am Kevin Rudd was no more and we had our first female PM Julia Gillard, though on the surface it seems like Australia has made history with its first female PM, Julia Gillard has not been elected by the people. We are at least 3 months from our next federal election, which in its self makes what happened to Kevin Rudd also historic as this was his first term as PM and he didn't get to finish that term.

This certainly does make me think about who I will be voting for in our up coming federal election, I think that I might be paying more attention that I normally would. I defiantly won't be voting for Julia Gillard's party just because she is a woman and so am I. There has been alot of talk about her attracting the 'female vote', I hope that women vote for more than just the sex of the politician.

No matter what you honestly think about either side of politic in Australia, this election will be interesting. Don't know if I will go as far as to say 'exciting' but things will defiantly be interesting.

Well....Kevin Rudd....I am sorry you got stabbed in the back by your own party before you got to see out your first full term. But you went out with your head held high and a smile on your slightly sad looking face. Good Bye.

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