Monday, June 21, 2010

Everyday I......

My cus Talia posted three things that she does everyday click here to see her three everyday things. So I thought that I would share three things that I do everyday, well...almost everyday....if I am at home I am very very likely to have done these things.

1. Drink water (I have a real problem drinking the recommended daily intake, and pay for it with migraines)

2. Watch TV & surf the Internet and fave blogs (recognise the blog in the picture?)
3. Play with Curios (he takes the best pictures!)
What three things do you do everyday?

1 comment:

  1. I recognise it!

    I like your three things. :-) It's nice to have things that we can do every day that we can look forward to!

    I have to try and drink more water too- this weekend I started taking this huge water bottle around with me to motivate me to drink more! So far it's worked- but it's hard to remember, and I have to keep going to the loo!