Monday, July 5, 2010

Got my groove back

Since I did this scrapbooking page I have been trying to get into creating another one. With very little success, life seemed to have gotten in my way abit and I just didn't have the motivation or creative spark. Papers did inspire me and I could like of colours that would look good with photo's I wanted to scrap. Not happy :-(

A couple of weeks ago and great friend of mine had me and another friend over to her place for a scrapping day. We use to do these alot of scrapping days last year but things have gotten so busy that we havn't been able to find any common free time. It was wonderful to sit and chat and slowly bring a page together. I didn't finish the page at the scrapping day but that really wasn't the point, I had got things moving though.

Today is my WH (wonderful husbands) day off and we descided to have a TV free day, which has been great definatly recommend giving a TV free day a try. So this morning I put away my scrapbooking supplies away from that scrapping day with my friend (they had been sitting all packed up for weeks!) and cleaned my scrapping desk up abit. Then I got out the half finished page and set about finishing it off, it took me all day of on and off scrapping but I am so proud to say that I finished it! Woohoo!

And I am also happy to report that I now want to go and start another page, but it is almost dinner time so I am joining my WH in the lounge, he is cooking and I am blogging and checking emails. Scrapping time is over for today, maybe Wednesday.

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