Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Newest creation

A good friend of ours had her birthday recently and I made her this card

I love the result

The image I found on Martha Stewart's website, it was meant for a Mother's Day card, which I had every intention of making. But when I sat down to do it the image just didn't seem right for either of our Mother's (mine or my WH's (Wonderful Husband)). But then our friend T had her birthday, T is vintagey hippy type of girl. She lives in a small converted dairy on her parents property, and it is filled with furniture and decor that she has found on the road side or at Op Shops. So the image would suit her perfectly.

On Martha Stewart's website the image was designed to have the buttons sew on, I glued them on (laziness, mostly), and that was it. Which looked great but to me wasn't finished. So I cut a couple of slits into the card and threaded a piece of ribbon, alittle folding and tada! A scarf! The image to me had a windswept feel and the scarf ribbon gives that feel perfectly.

I am considering adding similar cards to my Etsy shop SuJoh, using vintage photo's and postcards. But I am still playing with the idea.

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