Wednesday, September 1, 2010

From a different angle

I was checking out some blogs today and I came across a challenge that I just had to try. Becky Higgins set her readers a bit of an assignment, set down your camera, on a table, bench, where ever, and most importantly don't clean up. Ouch!

That is what I did, I went and got my camera and put it down on the dinning table and pressed the button. Here is what I took

There is my computer, my bamboo pen tablet, the album I keep my vintage postcards & photos in, the glass of water I have been drinking, by pencil case, paper & pen, my bible concordance left over from my morning bible study and our pet bird Curios's butt.

I will admit that this is a rather clean table for our house, last night we had bible study at our place so I spent most of yesterday tidying up from the bomb our house had become having had two sick people living in it for the last couple of weeks. Felt good to clean away the signs of all the sick people who have been curled up on the couch creating piles of tissues.
Take the challenge to see the everyday from a different angle and see what you see.

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