Tuesday, August 31, 2010


This past Sunday the youth from our church took over Sunday service. It was the most inspiring and uplifting experience. I always knew that the youth at our church were mature and wonderful people, but I had no idea at their passion or how inspiring they could be.

We had three of the youth give mini sermons, one about the importance of giving to the poor (not just financially), one about being a christian in the army (very eye opening), and about how her faith & relationship with God was shaped by the influence & inspiration of her little brother who lost his battle with cancer about 4 years ago. Loads of tears! Wasn't enough tissues in the place.

And lastly the talent! Especially from those we did know could play instruments or even sing so well. We knew that they were nervous, worried about how things were going to go, but you couldn't tell when they were up on stage.

This is defiantly a service that people are going to be talking about for a very long time, and I really think that they have reached the hearts of almost every person who was at service. So proud of you guys! Wish I had taken our camera, but I think that I will remember every minute of the service for a very long time to come, it really touch my heart and lifted my soul.

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