Sunday, August 8, 2010

I don't do mornings.....normally

I am not a morning person, ask anyone. I absolutely hate seeing light when I open my eyes, I don't see why the day time couldn't around alittle later and allow me to sleep alittle longer. Sometimes my reluctance to get out of bed is due to a rather late night the night before, but not the majority of time. I just don't do mornings. I wonder around in a daze, after taking ages to get out of bed in the first place, and I am really not totally switched on till around noon.

Tomorrow I am getting up at some silly time of the morning to travel down to the city to pick up my WH's (wonderful husband) new work ute. Current we have a ute that is about 7 years old, only has two seats and tries its hardest to shake your kidneys out of you when you are driving around even on the newest roads. Don't get me wrong I am extremely grateful that we have had the ute for the last year or so. Especially with us only having one income at the moment, the amount of money we have been able to save on petrol for our car is huge. And the stuff we have been able to carry from point A to point B has been a blessing as well.

I am really not looking forward to getting up tomorrow, really not. But I am looking forward to spending time with my WH. Who usually gets Monday's off but he has two of his employees away so he has had to switch his day off till Thursday until his employees are back, kind of annoying but it happens. My WH is going to drop me off at a shopping centre close to his head office (where he is picking the ute up from) so I can enjoy one of my favourite things to do. Drink hot chocolate (yummy!), usually I would also eat a piece of cake or a muffin at the sometime, but trying to be frugal I am going to be taking some apple cake and a banana muffin that I have already made in a container down with me (cheap? probably. But it saves money, every little bit counts).

Also taking some mags that I already own, but might find a discount store a buy a small sketch book for myself so I can sketch layouts and other ideas that I come across in the mags. I have been meaning to do this for a while, I have been making & selling notebook/journal covers for a little while and I don't have one for myself. So I am going to get a little sketch book, make a cover for it and when people ask what I sell I can show them. Also good advertising when I just get the sketch book out of my bag and use it (always thinking me). Check out my ETSY store (click on the side bar at the top of my blog) I will be adding some more journal/notebook covers in the next two weeks.

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