Sunday, August 29, 2010

My next project

One of the best things about not having a job to go to is the ability to do all those things that you said or would have said 'Maybe one day if I had the time" to. I have the time. On a side note keeping busy keeps you sane. I have done a few projects around the house in the last year, cleaning and reorganising mostly. But also a couple of bigger projects, no-dig-veggie garden and the redecorating of a chest of draws in our bedroom.

I have found the next project that I would like to tackle, it is essentially an art piece. In our home I have two places on two walls that need something. I have an idea for one, I want to create a display of the photo's that myself and my WH (wonderful husband) have taken. For Christmas last year my WH gave me three of my photos that he had printed out and framed, they are currently displayed next to our TV unit. I am not happy with their placement that think they would make a bigger statement if they were displayed, along with photo's that my husband has taken, on the wall across from our front door. In that location they would also make a great first impression as you walk in our front door. The space that the photo's would leave has been perplexing me for awhile now, I look at it every evening when we sit down to watch TV.

I think that I found it, I was doing one of my favourite things this arvo, which is surfing the ETSY website for videos when I came across a how to on a great art work.

You can view the video here.

The thing I really like is that it is sort of killing two birds with one stone. I have been shredding some pruning that I have been doing in the backyard (when it is not raining), but my shredder doesn't take anything bigger than 40mm round. So I am accumulating a pile of 40mm and above branches. They would be prefect to use to create something like this (and they are free!). I also have almost all the supplies.

Yep, defiantly my new project. Will let you know how I am progressing and the end result!

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