Friday, September 17, 2010

4 Simple Goals Update

There is a difficulty in setting goals, even simple ones. Will power, though I am not sure that I really believe in will power as something that only you can muster for yourself. I believe that without support from friends, family & especially God you cannot achieve anything.

With that in mind I have a bit of an update on how my 4 Simple Goals are going (what am I talking about? Click here for the background).

Been defiantly enjoying the product of this goal, right now I am just baking stuff that I can practically bake with my eyes closed. But I am looking at our collection of cook books and online for some more yummy looking recipes to have a try of. It is nice to go to the cupboard or the fridge after lunch or dinner and get out a cookie or a brownie. Defiantly satisfies my sweet tooth. Yummy! Been enjoying this goal.

My other goals are a bit more of a challenge, despite how simple they may have appeared when I made them. But I am regularly praying about them and slowly opportunities have come about to do something to get a step closer to fulfilling another goal.

Despite the seemly slow pace of these goals it is nice to have something that I am working towards, pulling weeds to expand my veggie patch, reading books about photography to learn more about our DSLR camera, and searching & buying t-shirts. Fills my life and gives me a reason to get up in the morning.

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