Friday, September 17, 2010

One to go

Our tickets to Wicked the musical turned up in the mail this week! Just the distraction that my WH (wonderful husband) needed. It has been a long week at work for him. It was my WH who wanted to go to see Wicked, he loves musicals. We are going in January, just in time for my sisters birthday who has a ticket to go with us. We will all be spending the weekend down in the city, go to the musical one evening and spend the next day exploring and giving my sister a nice birthday day.

Just now waiting on the tickets for the U2 concert in December. Again my WH's idea, he is a huge U2 fan. Went to their last concert they played in Australia in 2006 and loved it! I enjoy going to concerts & musical too but I think mostly because of how much my WH enjoys them. I feed off his happiness and excitement it is quite infectious.

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