Sunday, September 26, 2010

Travelling the www

Since it's Sunday I am sitting in front of the TV with my WH (wonderful husband) and checking out a few of my favourite blogs, so I thought that I would do another installment of....

Tonight we are starting with a blog that I haven't been following for very long, only the last 7ish months. It is called Scrap Bits & Paint Under My Nails by Tanya Gilmartin. She is an artist living in Ontario Canada. I really enjoy her blog, she is a very creative person and I love looking at all of her creations and her art work (which you can view on her website). Check out her photo albums on the right side of the blog, I like her scrapbooking pages & her mini albums. Loads of inspiration & ideas!

Our first stop is redefine creativity by Alisa Burke. FYI loved the tutorial and idea of creating pillows out of old love letters. I have two shoes boxes absolutely stuffed with letters & cards that my WH sent me when were were dating, I would love to have a couple of pillows like these for our bedroom. Alisa's artwork is great and a browse through her blog has plenty of inspiration.

Stop number two is journal girl by Samantha Harding. Oh very cute! If you are wanting to start an art journal this is a great place to start, there is a great 'Getting Started' section. When I visited there was also a great tutorial for making canvas clouds (where the cute comes from). Defiantly a nice mid way stop on our little trip.

Our last stop Every life has a story by Roben Marie, I really enjoy blogs by artists who don't just show their creations but make their blog a creation all of its own. I got really inspired by Points of Two, where she made journalling out of cut out words from an old children's book, love the 2nd picture in particular. Take time to just watch her blog title, it cycles through some great close up shots of her art work. Full of inspiration!


  1. Well! Thank you so much for featuring my blog! I just found you thru google, and I appreciate the shout out. BTW I am in the procees of updating by photo albums on the blog, but you can check out my flickr page for an updated list!
    Thanks again.

  2. Your most welcome, I love poping over and checking out your blog on a regular basis. I will be checking out your updated albums! Thanks for visting, come back soon!