Sunday, November 21, 2010

December Daily going digital

A couple of posts ago I mentioned on of my fav bloggers Ali Edwards and her annual December Daily project (click here to learn more). I have been umming & arring over whether I wanted to do a December Daily project for myself this year (mostly because of my lack of success in doing Christmas albums).
But I then thought to myself unlike Ali who does a traditional scrapbooking type album I could go totally digital, which would make things alot easier (wouldn't have to remember to print photos everyday or sit down & glue things together).
Last night my WH (wonderful husband) had a boys night with a friend of his, so I was home by myself so I sat down & designed a digital December Daily layout.
With projects like this I have found in the past making them totally digital works best for me, this year I participated in Ali's Week in the Life project. Similar to December Daily & other projects like Becky Higgins Project Life, you take a pictures everyday documenting one week in your daily life. Still havn't finished printed all my finished layouts, but all the layouts are done (click here to see some of my Week in the Life project & pictures).
Here are a couple of my finished templates for my December Daily project.
I put some random pictures that I had on my computer desk top into the sections for photos to see how the over all design was going to look. The templates are in 6x6 format so when I am finished I can either upload them to a printing service that does photobooks (I use Snapfish) or print at home slip the pages into a 6x6 album or adhere them to a chipboard album.
I like using 8x8 or 6x6 for project albums and albums that are about one event (holiday, birthday, etc....). They take up less room in our house & I can store them in a basket on our dinning table as a decorative feature.

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