Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I am so slack!!!

So so so so slack!
Life hasn't been too busy. I have been organising a family photo shoot as well as my WH (wonderful husband) birthday party and getting ready to have a Christmas Party with my WH's Grandparents. It will be the first time that his family has spent Christmas with his Grandparents in something like 16-17 years (wow!!!).
Also trying to figure out what our photo is going to look like for this years Christmas card, WH has an idea and we will have a go at taking it tomorrow night. Tomorrow night is 'Decorating Night', being the 1st Dec. After tomorrow our house will be totally Christmas, we will have the house decorated, play christmas music & eat Christmas food (fruit mince pies yummy!). It is also mean the beginning of my December Daily project (click here to find out more), sooooo determined this year to document all that we do for the Christmas season.
Today was my turn for hosting my Sisters bible study lunch, we have been doing a study about the God intented role of women. And we decided that it would be fun if each of us was to hold a lunch for everyone, not our usual affair where we bring something to share but a whole lunch where we provide all the food. It was a challenge but I did it. With only alittle anxiety. Wish I had taken pictures! Show how focused I was on cooking, but everyone loved the food & it was great to have my friends come to my home & share a meal.
I promise that I am going to be blogging more often!!!! Bring on Christmas!

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