Friday, November 12, 2010

Strange idea but happy

I am a TV watcher, and I prefer to have the TV on when I am in the house by myself. A few weeks ago I saw a show about curly hair.
I have curly hair I thought
In the show they said that people with curly hair suffer from frizz.
Yep! Preaching to the choir here!
Because of this frizz, people with curly hair shouldn't use combs or brushes, but instead use what God gave us, fingers.
Ok......made kind of sense, and to be honest somedays I would hate leaving the house cause the frizz was just so bad I couldn't do anything with my hair.
It has been about a month of trying this going without a brush or comb thing.
There has been a deduction in the frizz (woohoo!), but my hair has become alot softer. Somedays my hair can feel like a pile of hay, so I am very happy with the result.
I will say that going without a hairbrush & comb isn't for everyone. It takes alittle longer to get all the knotes out and I wouldn't want to have any longer hair than what I have. It could be abit of a nightmare.
I have always struggled with my hair, it is fine, with a slight curl, a cowlick & can be oily. But I am reasonably happy with my wake up run my fingers through my hair and out the door I go do that I have had.
What about your hair? Are you happy? Would you like a change? Have you ever made a change that was just so wrong!?

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