Monday, November 8, 2010

L-O-V-E this time of the year

It's November and its spring.....well it's trying to be spring. Personally I am sitting here in jeans, t-shirt & jumper. But I was in shorts, shirt & hat yesterday while at the beach with our Church's Young Adults group, who organised a bbq and a swim at the beach for the international students form our local Uni. Great day! Unlike the cool conditions we have today, yesterday was warm and I even got sunburn (not really happy about that, though not a bad sunburn it is in a not so nice spot on the back of my left knee).
November is also when I start thinking, planning and doing stuff for Christmas. Yep you heard it Christmas. Can't believe it, the year as per usual has flown by and we are now gearing up for what would have to be the busiest day of the year for us.
It is also the time when some of my favourite scrappers start doing their annual christmas projects, two of my favs are Ali Edwards December Daily and Jessica Sprauge who hold a free (yes free) digital scrapbooking class. Last years was holidays in hand, it was great! I am thinking of doing the class again (as I have it saved) as this years way of documenting the Christmas season.
This years free class is called Inspiration Everywhere
Click here or on the picture on the side of my blog to find out more and sign up yourselves. I do really enjoy Jessica's classes, she is a great teacher and I have learnt some great new digital techniques.

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