Friday, January 14, 2011

Our wet week

This has been an amazing & heart breaking week. The floods that Queensland has experienced has done so much damaged & has taken people lives (in some cases entire families). We are lucky that where we live has not been affected by any sort of flooding. Behind our home are ponds that did break their banks, but the water didn't come as near to our backyard as we thought might happen, the worst that has happened was the two drains at the start of our road blocking causing about foot of water to cover the entrance of our road doing quite abit of damage to the road service.
Me & my WH (wonderful husband) took a few walks around our neighbourhood to see what the amount of rain that we had was doing. Pretty much all the creeks were full & ponds had well & truly brocken their banks.
We are hoping to be able to go down to Brisbane and help with the clean up, but you don't want to be in the way so we are just being patient. The best thing that we can do is donate to the flood appeal, which we have a couple of times. I have a link to the Flood appeal website in my previous post, please donate people in Brisbane are going to need that money to help rebuild their lives.

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