Wednesday, February 16, 2011

On Saturday I looked down from our back verandah & I saw some plants growing in our lawn. On closer inspection it was confirmed that we had sunflower plants growing in our lawn. Why do we have sunflower plants (seedlings to be exact) growing in my lawn? Our bird Curios is to blame (thank probably a better word), why? His seed. Lately our Curios hasn't been too interested in the sunflower seeds that come in his seed mix, so they have been just thrown out onto the lawn (with the thought that some other bird would eat the Curios uneaten seed). Right where the seedlings are now growing.

Only 1 problem.....I realised that since it was Saturday my WH (wonderful husband) was going to come home from work in the afternoon & is going to mow our lawn! Oh no! Now our lawn on Saturday was is desperate need of a mowing but those seedlings weren't going to survive!

Side note: I have been trying all summer to grow sunflowers. The first lot of seeds got completely eaten by birds, the second lot I built a bird proof cover for that worked great and I germinated all of the seeds. Only to have them eaten by more birds & caterpillars (only one survived & it is growing in a pot on our verandah where I can keep a close eye on it) once I planted them in my garden :-( So finding a whole lot of seedlings in my lawn that I could try again with was so exciting.

So began Operation Rescue!

I grabbed my gardening gloves, filled a spare pot full of potting mix & my gardening spoon. Sitting on the lawn (in the hot sun I will add) I carefully pulled up pretty much all of the seedlings that I could. A couple didn't survive being removed from the ground, no roots. But a few casualties were not a problem with the number I was actually able to 'rescue'. Once I had filled the pot & and apologised to the plants that I just couldn't take (yes I actually said 'sorry'). I brought the pot upstairs onto our verandah & gave them a good watering.

Do you think them know how close these little seedlings came to being destroyed by the lawn mower? Do you think they are appreciative? Or maybe I had too much sun? Later more likely :-)

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