Saturday, March 19, 2011

Best laid plans

Yesterday I was babysitting a friend of mines wonderful daughter, and I got more done with her than I ever will today because of rain.......

I wanted to do more mulching & was going to wash my car (still probably can vacum the car, if I drive it into the garage) but the constant rain has put a stop to that.

So now to think of somethings inside that need to be done, well there is some clothes repaires that I need to do, the birds tree needs to be cleaned up abit and as always my craft room needs some serious sorting. I am at a real storage blockage in my craft room, no matter how much I put away there is always another pile that doesn't have a place. I suppose that is what you get with a home with almost no built-in storage.

I am slowly adding storage pieces to our house, while surfing the web I found this article (click on the pictures below) I would love any of these storage ideas for my home (the organisation nut in me went alittle giddy at the site of these ideas).

Other than the curtain for my craft room shelves (still havn't found my fabric!!!!!), I am currently working on adding another storage piece to my home. A few weeks back I went to Collectarama with my sister-in-law & a friend. I have never been before so didn't know really what I was expecting. But I am glad that I went! It was at the local showgrounds & there was hundreds of stalls selling vintage, retro & collectables. I bought a few things, including a retro suitcase. I wasn't sure at first what I was going to do with the suitcase (I think I might have bought it because it was only $8!) but after somethinking & surfing I have come up with a coffeetable that will store all our boardgames that are currently taking up shelf space in my craft room.

I just need to find some legs, I will hopefully be hitting my favourite thrift stores & hardware store to see what is my options are for legs.

Oh it has stopped raining! I am going to go & finish hanging my laundry (downstairs in our laundry room).

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