Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wicked Weekend

What a weekend! I am so happy that we finally got to take this little weekend away, it was so overdue.

Firstly the musical Wicked was simply amazing!!!!! Mind blowingly amazing. We did have a couple of issues, we arrived in Brisbane at about 5:30pm and the show was at 7:30pm. Our tickets said that there was a 20min lock out which we thought meant that they shut the doors 20 mins before the show starts (wrong, but we didn't find that out till later), so we thought that we needed to be at QPAC (Queensland Performing Arts Centre) at about 7pm. We went out to quickly find dinner & went in the wrong direction wasting 1/2 a hour & not finding anything. In the end we descided to get ready for the show & hope that we could find something quick & easy on the way to QPAC. Thankfully the bar at QPAC had sandwitchs but only got to eat 1/2 before my WH (wonderful husband) realised that his ticket had fallen out of his pocket inside QPAC somewhere! Oh no!!!!! WH & my sister (who came with us) rushed off to see if they could find it somewhere & I stayed with our food. I ended up asking an usher what options there was for a lost ticket, thankfully since I had the tax invoice with me we could just go to the box office & get the lost ticket reprinted (YEAH!!!). My WH went & got that done & we all took our seats together. Talk about drama! The show was so worth it. And that 20 min lock out? Basically when I was talking to the usher she told me that it meant that they shut the doors 5-10mins before the show is due to start if you were late they won't let you in till 20mins after the show started.

So we didn't get a proper dinner, but made up for it at the buffet breakfast the next morning. Then we headed off to church at my WH's sister's church in Beenleigh, it was a Uniting church so was a very different experience for us. After church we headed back to the city & met up with my little brother. Spend the rest of the day walking around the Queens Street shopping mall with my brother, in the arv we had drinks at a coffee shop & walk back to Southbank & hung out on the grass near our hotel. Quite a relaxed day. Got rained on on the way back to our hotel & we said 'goodbye' to my brother. Dinner wasn't fantastic, but atleast we actually got to eat dinner.

Monday (yesterday) was our last day, we had a late check out (thanks to a special membership card with the hotel that we stayed at) so took full advantage & spent the morning at the Queensland museum & the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA). GoMA was so much fun! GoMA was holding an Art in the 21st Centurary exhibition, it was so fun fun & much of it was interactive. There was a slide (yep slide), balloon filled room, pool & fun deck chairs that you could sit in and watch the city go about its business.

We had lunch on our drive home & also grabbed some icecream (we had had hardly any sweets the whole weekend!). Glad to be home but had such a great time!!!!

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